Join the Inspire Coding Club

The Inspire Coding Club is currently accepting volunteering for

  • TAing for courses
  • Creating new courses/workshops/tournaments
  • Fundraisers (virtual and in-person)
  • Upgrading the website/adding new features
  • Anything else (legitimate) you can think of

The ICC is a PVSA certifying organization which means you will be compensated with Volunteer Hours for your hard work.


You can go to this link to join our Discord server! This is where the members of the ICC join.

ICC Member Registration Form

Please additionally fill out this form to apply for ICC membership.

Note: The member registration for the ICC (volunteers) are for students who are incoming 6th grade or above.

If you are younger, you can still sign up for courses (and we recommend you do so!) but would advise against joining as a member until you’re a bit older. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, if you still want to join, shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you!

Join as a Student

Additionally, if you would like to join as a student of our courses, please sign up on our courses page.